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Summer vacation elapses, and sees their storefront doing one heck of a business in the Avalon with the help of their griffin employee. There is a suggestion box for new spells they should invent, some of which have to be long-term projects but others of which are converted into new product fairly promptly.

School starts up again. Darren and Bella are both skipping straight into twelfth grade. (Bella looked into just starting college early, but while she does technically have the sort of resume that can lead to that kind of thing, she can't exactly write an essay about how she saved the life of another person and this caused her to have Moral Character, let alone about how she started a small business - so skipping one grade it is.)

They apply to colleges. They both get into University of Washington and get sufficient scholarships to accommodate both going there.

Summer ensues again.

One afternoon, Bella is over at Darren's, and has fallen asleep - in purring fullform - across his lap on the couch.
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Darren's still in human form, reading a book about magic that's slightly less unhelpful than other books of its type. But only slightly. It's naming the failed attempts at doing certain things magically, and what the results were. He's trying to reconstruct what runes were used and figure out why those attempts failed. While he's really got no reason to try and do most of the spells here (why would he even want to boil someone's blood in their veins, if he were feeling murderous there are better, easier options), it's the academic exercise that's important.

He's petting Bella, gently, as he reads. He's not planning on getting up any time soon, she can sleep as long as she likes.