Aug. 1st, 2014 12:46 pm
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While Ice does her resurrection business, Phix loiters in Spring's house (currently unoccupied by Spring) with Savannah.

"I think Ice will get one of the mages on her way back, and then he'll want to see you shapeshift into those people so he can use you to get a bead on whoever it is that's racist against sphinxes," she tells Savannah. "So, uh, questions on the multiverse thing?"


Jul. 28th, 2014 06:45 pm
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Bella drops the Spanish major. It's tempting to explain to her confused teacher, in fluent Spanish, exactly why, but she refrains. Now she only has classes a few days out of the week, and if she loads up next semester and the ones after she should be able to get out of college in three years - though she's increasingly unsure that she needs any of it. It's not like anyone can teach her to teach magic, and she doesn't even know what age group she's going to target with her school, yet - the professors mostly don't have education degrees because if you're interacting with adults, even young adults who are there to learn from you, this doesn't require specialized training. And the universe has gotten so big and college feels very - small.

But for the time being she's still enrolled, though she tends to neglect her homework in favor of working on spell designs to do useful things - to cover gaps in the peal of Bells's capabilities, to sell, to prove interesting theoretical points - and working on her fairy princess magic.

She's blocked on getting her fairy princess magic to produce any non-physical results, like verifiable luck or a ward. She's currently manning the store, rolling dice to see if she's gotten luck to behave this time. (Her luck charm, which would confound the results, is out of her hair and on the counter beside her so as not to interfere with the experiment.)


Jul. 10th, 2014 01:59 pm
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Summer vacation elapses, and sees their storefront doing one heck of a business in the Avalon with the help of their griffin employee. There is a suggestion box for new spells they should invent, some of which have to be long-term projects but others of which are converted into new product fairly promptly.

School starts up again. Darren and Bella are both skipping straight into twelfth grade. (Bella looked into just starting college early, but while she does technically have the sort of resume that can lead to that kind of thing, she can't exactly write an essay about how she saved the life of another person and this caused her to have Moral Character, let alone about how she started a small business - so skipping one grade it is.)

They apply to colleges. They both get into University of Washington and get sufficient scholarships to accommodate both going there.

Summer ensues again.

One afternoon, Bella is over at Darren's, and has fallen asleep - in purring fullform - across his lap on the couch.


Jun. 17th, 2014 08:03 pm
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Bella amasses a spreadsheet full of runes. She learns enough about programming to store them a bit more elegantly than that and get the program to make suggestions that do various results. Doesn't have a GUI wrapper, but it works for the part that is about choosing runes and sizes, if not laying them out - that still has to be done by hand.

Invisibility is going to be very popular with monsters who want to go out in the world.

As far as scrolls are concerned: Xeroxing them doesn't work. Carbon paper does, even on gray paper where the runes are barely visible for intellectual property reasons, and tracing a xeroxed copy also works fine; a simple spell takes about five minutes to make a stack of four. The spells are available in French and Spanish. There isn't a huge selection to start. But it's something.

They give Angela an after-school job tracing them according to demand so they have more time to discover additional runes and work out additional spells, and they put up fliers in the Avalon advertising a mail-order service.

Bella gets a car. It's a beat-up station wagon, but it works.

Bella has a small business, a vehicle, and a long-term career plan.

She sets about making arrangements to skip the eleventh grade, and Darren follows suit.

The two of them are adorably attached to each other. There is a lot of kissing. Savannah teases them a lot and Bella messes with her and Darren blushes.

By the time summer vacation starts, they have a stabilized price point, sufficient regular buyers, enough repertoire, and a nest egg of money that permit them to rent a small storefront and hire a teenage griffin to sell scrolls in the Avalon. They are on their way out (Savannah accompanying for kicks, Bella driving) to seal the deal and drop off a batch of inventory. Bright and early.


May. 16th, 2014 05:35 pm
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Saturday morning sees Bella with her notebooks about magic all in her knapsack, her medallion safety-pinned by its chain to her bra just in case she trips the wrong way, waiting with Charlie for pickup for the Avalon trip.


May. 6th, 2014 05:24 pm
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On Monday, Bella arrives at school completely and stably human shaped, with everything she has learned about critters (except for her own species, which she isn't liable to forget) written down as margin notes on a page reminding her to ask Darren about D&D and filler decoy notes about that. She's probably going to have invent an actual cipher alphabet or something eventually but for the time being she thinks this will probably do for casual inspection.

She sits next to Darren in English.


May. 3rd, 2014 09:35 pm
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Kindergarten teacher Renée Higgenbotham Swan (36) was killed in a car crash one mile from her residence in Phoenix, AZ, January 9, 2005. She is survived by her daughter Isabella (16). Her service will be held at -

Bella has the entire obituary pasted into a page of one of her compilation notebooks but tends not to re-read past the first lines. It's repellent. The concept of obituaries is repellent. The funeral is over. Renée's vibrant brief life has been summed up over the course of a paragraph, and is also over.

Bella pretends to sleep on the plane. Her neighbor is talkative and she doesn't want to say shut up, my mom just died, because - what if it doesn't work? What if this news doesn't have the power to bludgeon everyone else into stunned silence the way it does Bella?

Charlie collects her. Charlie hugs her. Charlie doesn't make her talk. Good wonderful understanding quiet Charlie does not say a word. He takes her home. Her room's where she left it last August.

It's raining.

Bella stays home, moving in, moping, for a day, and then she shows up at school, gray-faced and withdrawn. First class is English. Okay, whatever.

The teacher wants her to introduce herself. Bella wants to yank on the skinny end of his tie until he regrets making her.

She stands at the front of the room and says that her name is Bella Swan and she's moved here to live with her dad. The teacher makes an impatient go on gesture and she stands there for a moment before robotically saying the same thing she produced at the beginning of the year in her old school in Phoenix when they were doing go-around-the-room-and-share-facts. "I'm one of those people who actually likes Shakespeare."

He lets her sit down.

She sits.


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