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Saturday morning sees Bella with her notebooks about magic all in her knapsack, her medallion safety-pinned by its chain to her bra just in case she trips the wrong way, waiting with Charlie for pickup for the Avalon trip.
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There's Vernon's car, coming to get them! How wonderfully convenient! Almost like they planned this.

He waves, when they arrive. Darren and Savannah are in the back seat in the rule of Adults Get Shotgun.
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"About four hours. I hope you like road trips."
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Darren laughs. "Sure, I don't mind."
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"Auuuugh," says Savannah. "Augh, I don't want to listen to four hours of magic nerds!"
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"Anything else! Interesting topics. We can talk about - things to see in the Avalon, how things are going, just... Not magic all the time."
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"... Some. I mean, I can also just sleep, too."
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"Okay." Pause. "... Now I don't know what to talk about."
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Darren snorts with laughter.
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".... So! Met any cute boys, lately?" asks Savannah, around Darren.
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"That does not make my question any less valid! Besides, you could have seen a guy that I don't know at the grocery store or something, I don't know your life."
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Savannah snorts. "Nah, I can find a date. Thanks, though. I am just trying to small talk and this was the first option. If you like girls, I'm perfectly happy to talk about cute ones you see there, too."

She is kind of extremely accepting of all kinds of sexualities. Considering.
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"Huh. Well. How accepting of a family?"
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"So! Heeey. Bella. I'm gay. No, I'm not joking, yes I'm sure."
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Darren pats her hand, in a supportive way. "We happen to also be a very accepting family. It's not 'wasted.'"