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Darren does the same.

This proves to be the smart option.

Mrs. Adams doesn't just expect people to have read the book. She expects them to have opinions on it. She expects them to have their opinions backed up through the text. She turns out to be fond of rhetoric, and a few times she will call on someone and just - ask questions. Usually she never says that someone is wrong, she asks why they think that and what evidence they have to prove it. If they don't have any, she will go over the part of the book applicable to their opinion and start explaining it to them, and pointing out parts of the book that support their opinion. Several students have not read the book. If they say as much, she will tell them that next time they should be more prepared, and then she will move on. That will be that, nothing more. (It isn't her class, so she will not actually enforce reading the book.)

In cases where they try and bullshit her - she plays with them. She asks them questions, leads them to assumptions, and ultimately proves every time that they have no idea what they're talking about. Mrs. Adams tells them that next time, if they don't know something, they should say they don't know and save everyone the trouble. That if they want to act smart in front of her they'd better actually be smart. Acting smart gets Mrs. Adams to ask you to back it up. If they can't do that, then they shouldn't try, they should pay attention and actually learn something.

Nearing the end of class, she turns it into a debate room. She drags out differing opinions from students and starts asking each of them to question 'Why' to defend themselves to someone who disagrees with them. The purpose is not to be proven wrong, the purpose is to think. It doesn't work across everyone (several people just stay utterly silent) but for the people willing to learn, it's kind of fun.

It's during this debate and two students are getting into a heated discussion about what something means that she walks to Bella's desk. In a perfectly normal tone of voice, she says, "I know."

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