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While Ice does her resurrection business, Phix loiters in Spring's house (currently unoccupied by Spring) with Savannah.

"I think Ice will get one of the mages on her way back, and then he'll want to see you shapeshift into those people so he can use you to get a bead on whoever it is that's racist against sphinxes," she tells Savannah. "So, uh, questions on the multiverse thing?"
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"... Yikes. A dragon? Um, okay then. That - all works."

And then he goes and hugs his girlfriend.
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"Yeah," he sighs. "Is there - do they have magical protection things, more than what we already got?"
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"That's something, then."

Snuggle. Snuggle snuggle snuggle.

(He does not want her snatched out of his lap again.)