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While Ice does her resurrection business, Phix loiters in Spring's house (currently unoccupied by Spring) with Savannah.

"I think Ice will get one of the mages on her way back, and then he'll want to see you shapeshift into those people so he can use you to get a bead on whoever it is that's racist against sphinxes," she tells Savannah. "So, uh, questions on the multiverse thing?"
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Cypress snickers. "Does he actually prance?"
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"... He's not letting you show other people, is he."
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"I must remind myself - I am against the invasion of privacy with immoral scrying. Love, I'm against that sort of thing, even when it's for something as innocuous as adorable pictures. Don't let me do it."
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"Of course not. Use your detailed knowledge of your target's psyche to obtain consent first."
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"I love you too."
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"We are cute and flaunty."
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"Both of those things."
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"It's super adorable. Carry on."
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"Will do." Ice accounts for all of her possessions and heads for the Chamomile portal.
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"You're welcome," says Cypress, and he follows his wife to their home.
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Savannah does not head back to Medallion - she is going to meet her alt. They will be doing things. Glorious things. Hey, she's eighteen, it's legal now.
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And a few hours later - Darren is home!

"Hey," he says, brightly.
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"... Yikes. A dragon? Um, okay then. That - all works."

And then he goes and hugs his girlfriend.
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"Yeah," he sighs. "Is there - do they have magical protection things, more than what we already got?"
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"That's something, then."

Snuggle. Snuggle snuggle snuggle.

(He does not want her snatched out of his lap again.)