shesepankh: (b ~ lucky)
Isabella Marie Swan ([personal profile] shesepankh) wrote 2014-08-01 08:34 pm (UTC)

"Okay, so the ones who are named Adarin - Prime and Cypress - are both a quarter fae, and their moms were the half-fae parent, and she has white hair, I think because she had a fae parent, but it's not guaranteed by the time it's only a quarter fae because the others of you have brown hair. It's not usual in either of their home worlds. And being part fae is also why Prime can be so old; he looks old, but not five hundred, he looks kind of like a really tired fifty, maybe, and he could live another century even without magic help. But in Hex, people just have white hair sometimes, and Edarial - he's the only one named that, but everybody's getting nicknames regardless, Rain, he picked Rain - is one of those people who just has it. He's just a normal human, except for the magic things he gets for being from Hex."

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