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Bella drops the Spanish major. It's tempting to explain to her confused teacher, in fluent Spanish, exactly why, but she refrains. Now she only has classes a few days out of the week, and if she loads up next semester and the ones after she should be able to get out of college in three years - though she's increasingly unsure that she needs any of it. It's not like anyone can teach her to teach magic, and she doesn't even know what age group she's going to target with her school, yet - the professors mostly don't have education degrees because if you're interacting with adults, even young adults who are there to learn from you, this doesn't require specialized training. And the universe has gotten so big and college feels very - small.

But for the time being she's still enrolled, though she tends to neglect her homework in favor of working on spell designs to do useful things - to cover gaps in the peal of Bells's capabilities, to sell, to prove interesting theoretical points - and working on her fairy princess magic.

She's blocked on getting her fairy princess magic to produce any non-physical results, like verifiable luck or a ward. She's currently manning the store, rolling dice to see if she's gotten luck to behave this time. (Her luck charm, which would confound the results, is out of her hair and on the counter beside her so as not to interfere with the experiment.)

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"Behold, our naming prowess."

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It occurs to them both that they could ask each other's life stories - but that would mean they'd have to tell their own. Neither of them particularly want to, and neither care enough about the other's to ask. They can make conjectures.

Either way, they get along quite nicely. Babysitting will actually be viable now, though she'll take some time before heading home. She likes talking to her alt, and her alt's husband.
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