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Isabella Amariah ⍋ "Amariah" ([personal profile] dark_light) wrote in [personal profile] shesepankh 2014-07-30 02:14 am (UTC)

"Unless you separate - which can be done with teleporting and then it doesn't hurt much, and which thirteen-year-olds of my species routinely manage the long way around within a few tries - your daemon will have to stay close to you at all times, within a few yards. You don't control what kind of animal you get; most of them are mammals or birds, but it is not impossible that you will get something like an insect, or - more immediately dangerous - a fish. If the daemon is hurt you are too, if he or she dies so do you and vice versa. If anyone besides you, other daemons, or in some cases extremely intimate partners touches your daemon it is incapacitatingly painful. And of course if you don't outright move to Chamomile, no one will know why you have whatever kind of creature following you around and your daemon will not be able to do his or her parallel socializing job." Ice pauses, then says, "You might not actually get one. In my world there are talking bears, and they don't have daemons, although they say that their armor is their souls. So you might be not-human-enough that Chamomile will let you not have a daemon."

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