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Isabella Amariah ⍋ "Amariah" ([personal profile] dark_light) wrote in [personal profile] shesepankh 2014-07-29 03:46 pm (UTC)

"That's me. And I have enough stuff with me to get started on fetching your daughter right away, and all I need from you is her full name. I should warn you that the spell does not behave completely predictably with respect to non-humans, at least non-humans who aren't witches like me. The first time I cast it on a mage, he came back without his magic and left a separate ghost, since mage ghosts more or less are their magic. His sister had to kill him so I could do it over again with a revised version. I don't have any good way to figure out in advance how the spell will work on Medallion critters unless a Medallion critter wants to visit my world and let my alethiometer look at them - and in my world, if you go there, your soul emerges from wherever it usually lives and turns into an animal." She gestures at Path on her shoulder. "Which has its own side effects, and the consensus seems to be that it's not worth it unless you're going to move there. So there could be some unanticipated side effect - or the possibility that it won't work at all - with your daughter."

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