castmyown: (m. Processing)
Darren Elliott Sanders ([personal profile] castmyown) wrote in [personal profile] shesepankh 2014-07-11 06:49 pm (UTC)

Darren hisses a curse word and grasps at the storm drain, briefly trying to see if it will do what he wants it to and be ripped out of the fucking ground, but no, no it holds just fine. Damn engineers. He tries to tell what direction the ink - thing goes, see if he can follow it, but it's too dark down there, he can't tell.

He indulges himself by allowing himself a primal scream of rage and despair. Once. He makes it a good one.

And then he stands, turns on his heel, and marches back to his house to start composing a spell to find the ink monster, and then a spell to kill it, and then he's going to do both in rapid succession and maybe it will spit his girlfriend out.

Or maybe not. She could be dead. Please don't be dead.

He ignores the cold pit of fear gripping his heart. He adds another item to his list of things to do, and that item is 'find way to torture the information out of ink monster about the whereabouts of his girlfriend.' He doesn't even think about the ramifications of it, it's just a mission that he is going to accomplish. Because it ate his girlfriend, and Darren wants her back right this instant.

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