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Darren Elliott Sanders ([personal profile] castmyown) wrote in [personal profile] shesepankh 2014-06-18 03:24 am (UTC)

Darren's delighted with Bella when she organizes their runes with a program. He tells her so. Kissing is involved. Then he starts working on making new spells - practicing them, inventing new ones under pressure, and the like. Bella's caught up to his library of runes, and then periodically he discovers a new one. None of the ones he finds are wonderful breakthroughs in that one spell that they wanted to do, but discovering more certainly couldn't hurt.

They make scrolls, and then scrolls kept are on their persons at all times. Invisibility, a shield spell, simple healings, and luck spells. Darren's trying to figure out how to get that last one onto an object that can go on their persons, but hasn't managed it yet. He thinks he's closing in on managing it, though. Soon.

Now without new runes to give Bella, Savannah isn't subjected to nerdy teaching talk. She's subjected to nerdy magic talk, instead. "Do you think," says Darren consideringly, "that it's worth the extra trouble of using fur or hair or something just to avoid having to draw out like ten more runes to keep things from catching on fire for the luck spell? It's so flimsy, but I keep having trouble trying to get something made out of metal or the like to work."

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